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Utilizing our yacht rental services in Mykonos, you may embark on an unforgettable as well as a luxury cruise. We are a Mykonos-based Superyacht Agency Service that caters to your every desire.

Mykonos Yacht Services and Charters is an exclusive Concierge service provider for Mega Yachts and Superyachts, available 24/7 to assist yacht guests, crew, captains, and owners with anything from VIP services to Event Planning, Yacht Provision, Chauffeur and Private Driver Services to Close Protection Security Officers.

In addition, we provide luxury yacht rental services on a weekly or daily basis at the most competitive prices. Furthermore, we handpick each private or luxury boat for charter on We offer a professional boat rental service, backed by a skilled yacht crew with many years of sailing expertise. Most importantly we strive to provide the ideal yacht charter experience on the Mykonos coasts and across the Cyclades Islands with all of our boat rental services.

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Mykonos Yacht Services

We operate mainly in the island complex of the Cyclades which is the quintessential expression of a Greek summer destination.

A number of 220 islands, most of them uninhabited, form a circle (“kyklos” in Greek, hence the name Cyclades) around the sacred island of Delos, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Their rugged landscape with scattered whitewashed churches with blue domes and little white houses hide amazing beaches, crystalline blue waters, very rich history, and this famous light, that has captured the heart of so many visitors and tourists.

Whatever your choice, chartering a yacht in Mykonos or anywhere in Greece you will be blown away by the landscapes, the vistas, and the warmth of the people. Every island is a world to discover.

Get ready to find your own paradise under the sun in the Cyclades!


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We provide exclusive access to a wide range of yacht charter and yachting-related services in Mykonos and other Greek islands. A boutique firm providing luxury yachts and associated lifestyle services based in Mykonos. One of our company's most significant characteristics is personal concierge services and confidentiality..

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Mykonos Yacht Services


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