Mykonos to Paros Charter

The destination of this yacht charter is Paros Island. Upon arrival, we anchor at Kolimbithres bay. Kolimbithres in Greek means “swimming pool”. This bay is special due to the impressive rock formation that divides it into a succession of mini sandy coves, hence its name in Greek. The crystal blue waters and lagoon-like quality of Kolimbithres provide a perfect location for all ages to enjoy a variety of water sports (jet skis, wakeboarding, water skiing, snorkelling and tubes).

Next on the itinerary is a visit to Naoussa, a must see traditional Greek island fishing village, with white washed Parian cube houses, beautiful churches, awesome shopping, excellent fish taverns, ouzeries and great restaurants on the main square. The captain will be waiting for your return from the village on board your yacht.

Schedule: Embarkation: 10.00 am, Mykonos Tourlos Private Yacht port or Ornos bay, return to Mykonos Island before sunset. Light drinks, snacks, Greek wine and ouzo are served on a complimentary basis on board your boat. This Charter includes 2 hours of required petrol consumption. Please note that lunch drop off  at Paros Island is not included in any quotes.

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