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Luxury Car Services and Chauffeur in Mykonos

We can provide you with one of our experienced drivers to chauffeur you in comfort and safety, with your private or rented vehicle, or you can utilize a vehicle within Mykonos Yacht Services fleet, which includes SUVs, luxury sedans, Mercedes sprinter buses, exotic vehicles and limousines. We can also provide you with a backup chauffeur in case your primary chauffeur becomes unavailable.

Mykonos Yacht Chauffeur Services offers a world-class VIP private taxi service for every occasion. We offer an extensive fleet of the newest vehicles in Mykonos, along with chauffeurs and private drivers who are professional, polite, punctual and most importantly willing to assist you with anything you might need. We have been providing impeccable private car services to our guests since 2007 and we work 24/7 to maintain our highest respected reputation in the Cyclades.


Bodyguard Driver and VIP Services

Upon request, we will discuss our clients’ security concerns if any, and ensure smooth transportation to multiple events in Mykonos. Our drivers are fully security vetted and trained to our pretentious standards. Our VIP security liaison partner (Pentagon Group) will be more than happy to discuss and coordinate your security concerns and requirements.

Moreover, we can provide our clients with one of our experienced drivers to pick up and transport their children to activities and return him or her back to the yacht after the activity is over. Female chauffeurs are available for clients who are more comfortable with a woman transporting their children around the island. Regardless of the driver’s gender, you can rest assured your child is in good hands with one of Mykonos finest. This service is ideal for children who require a chauffeur/private driver locally or across the country.

Multilingual Chauffeurs

All of our Mykonos based Multilingual Chauffeurs speak English and a variety of languages including Greek, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish and more.

Personal Driver Escorts

If you require an escort only, we can accommodate you. Our Personal driver escorts are ideal for high profile executives, dignitaries, and public figures such as entertainers and sports figures, who may want to enjoy the night out in a restaurant or lounge in Mykonos or other Greek islands. Our Driver escort will give you the space you need to entertain your guest, however, he will be close enough to assist you if the need arises.

Mykonos Yacht Services can provide you any type of vehicle requested. With our private fleet consisting of the following luxury vehicles and private taxis in Mykonos.

  • 1 Mercedes Sprinter 2019 model (up to 16 passengers)
  • 1 Mercedes Sprinter 2019 model (up to 11 passengers)
  • 1 Mercedes Sprinter 2017 model (up to 14 passengers)
  • 2 Mercedes V-Class Minivans 2018 models (up to 8 passengers)
  • 2 Mercedes Vito Minivans 2018 models (up to 8 passengers)
  • 2 Range Rover Sport 2018 models (up to 3-4 passengers)
  • 2 Mercedes S-Class S500 2018 models (up to 3-4 passengers)
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