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Yacht VIP Services

Yacht VIP Services in Mykonos

Mykonos Yacht Services are exclusive agents on the island of Mykonos providing clients with stellar VIP services from start to finish. Our Yacht Charter company was built to satisfy all clients’ needs and requirements during their stay in Mykonos, using all the experience acquired throughout the years in providing exclusive concierge and VIP service to yachts and superyachts. A passionate team with a wealth of experience are here to cater to your every need 24/7, and who you can trust and rely on during your stay in Mykonos or other Greek ports.


Yacht Luxury Services

We offer a wide range of tailored VIP services to make sure you will have anything you wish. These services may include:

  • VIP tables at the best restaurants and clubs in Mykonos
  • our own private chauffeur-driven cars
  • provisions and other concierge services that you or your clients may need.

Our priority is to cover all that the client needs, even if it is a last minute request (which most of them are). Moreover, crew members are also clients for us and our reputation validates our exclusive VIP services in Mykonos.

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Our staff is well prepared to provide you with personalized Concierge Services, to ensure your experience matches your needs and dreams. We are here to help you experience the perfect vacation in your Chartered Yacht.