Yachts Concierge in Mykonos

​Yacht ​Concierge​ in Mykonos​ is a huge resource for the ships – we have the connections, the local knowledge of markets and​ VIP​ services, of local sights, of ​venues and ​resources, that will make the yacht’s passage through ​the Cyclades a delight for the guests and owners and stress-free for those who serve them​.​

One of our principal services, however, has little to do with supply, or advice, or customs/immigration counsel and facilitation.​ ​That service is ‘discretion’.  Your ship, its plans, its guests, its needs, are shared only with those who need-to-know to provide the service.  We respect the privacy of our clients and shelter them from prying eyes.

Working at the request of the captain, chef, purser or chief stew, it’s a yacht concierge job to search the local markets to find the luxury goods and services needed for any superyacht and its guests. This often involves searching locally, nationally and internationally for food​, cigars​ and provisions, ​private clubs​VIP ​table​s​ ​at the most popular venues such as Nammos and Scorpios beach clubs. We ​are happy to arrange as well all reservations, entertainment and excursions requested by the guests on-board​.​

Local Knowledge and Connections

​With our local presence since 2007​ rest assure that you yacht concierge​ in Mykonos​ is a huge resource for any vessel, ​we have invaluable connections and a thorough local knowledge of the native markets, services, sights and sounds, making a yacht’s passage through any Greece’s region a delight for yacht owners and charter guests alike, all the while providing a stress-free solution for the crew who serve them.

With notice, ​your dedicated yacht concierge can provide an almost endless list of goods and services, sourcing and delivering right to the Yacht’s passerelle. At the request of the yacht’s crew, a concierge can ensure that the yacht owner or charter guests are surrounded by delicious local foods, exotic provisions or the cuisine of their native country, no matter where they are in the world. We have valuable and long-lasting partnerships in Mykonos with the best massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, babysitters (nanny), all of them are fully qualified licenced professionals and at the top of their game.

To entertain guests, a concierge can ensure that crew and their guests are equipped with the local knowledge to truly see and enjoy ​Mykonos or any other Greek island, with first-class reservations in the best restaurants, hotels and spas, and tickets to the most exclusive shows.